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June 10, 2020 COVID-19 Effects on Indiana’s State and Local Taxes
June 5, 2020 Indiana's Government Modernization Act & Local Government Consolidation Experiences: Process and Politics
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December 6, 2019 Local Government Responses to Property Tax Rate Caps: An Analysis of Indiana Municipal Governments
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June 21, 2018 Selected Tariff Effects on Indiana
May 16, 2016 Attracting Jobs or Attracting People? A Microsimulation of the Local Tax Revenue Impacts of New Businesses and Households on Hoosier Communities
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September 30, 2014 Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Report
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October 1, 2013 Forecast Update Oct. 1, 2013: The Economic Effect of the Government Shutdown
May 8, 2013 The Impact of Property Tax Rate Caps on Local Property Tax Revenue
September 13, 2012 The Relative Tax Burden on Indiana's Business: A Micro-Simulation of State Tax Liabilities
March 3, 2012 Special Districts and Local Government Reform
January 19, 2012 The Effect of State-Level Add-On Legislation to the Federal New Market Tax Credit Program
November 21, 2011 To Collect Sales Tax or Not? Indiana's Ecommerce Conundrum
November 21, 2011 To Collect Sales Tax or Not? Indiana's Ecommerce Conundrum
September 30, 2011 An Examination of the Economic Impact of Property Tax Levy Caps on Economic Activity in New Jersey
March 18, 2011 Local Option Income Taxes in Indiana
December 3, 2010 Reflections on State Tax Incentives
February 25, 2010 The Economic Effects of Indiana's Property Tax Rate Limits
January 8, 2010 Intrastate Distribution of State Government Revenues and Expenditures in Indiana
September 8, 1999 The Economic Impact of Governor O'Bannon's Proposed Property Tax Agenda
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