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March 24, 2021 COVID-19 Response: Local Municipalities’ Public Engagement During COVID-19
March 24, 2021 COVID-19 Response: Local Government Partnerships and Communications Early in the Pandemic
November 10, 2020 COVID-19 Response: Implementing the “Roadmap to Reopen Indiana”
November 10, 2020 COVID-19 Response: Fiscal Impacts on Local Government
June 5, 2020 Indiana's Government Modernization Act & Local Government Consolidation Experiences: Process and Politics
April 9, 2020 Preliminary Fiscal Effects of COVID-19 on Indiana’s Local Tax Revenues
March 13, 2020 Occupational Exposure to Social Distancing: A Preliminary Analysis Using O*NET Data
December 6, 2019 Local Government Responses to Property Tax Rate Caps: An Analysis of Indiana Municipal Governments
November 7, 2016 Indiana's 21st Century Research & Technology Fund
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September 30, 2014 Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Report
September 16, 2014 Why Tax Incentives Don't Work: The Altered Landscape of Local Economic Development
October 21, 2013 A Study of the Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Regional Equity of the IEDC
October 1, 2013 Forecast Update Oct. 1, 2013: The Economic Effect of the Government Shutdown
December 14, 2011 Right-to-Work Legislation and the Manufacturing Sector
November 21, 2011 To Collect Sales Tax or Not? Indiana's Ecommerce Conundrum
October 5, 2011 Local Government Consolidation in New Jersey: Potential Savings Due to Economies of Scale & Efficiency Gains
October 3, 2011 A Technical Analysis of the Economic Impact of U.S. Department of Defense Contracts in Indiana
September 16, 2011 Foster Care Cost Survey in Indiana
March 18, 2011 Local Option Income Taxes in Indiana
October 4, 2010 Comprehensive Examination of the Performance of the Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Funds
February 25, 2010 The Economic Effects of Indiana's Property Tax Rate Limits
January 8, 2010 Intrastate Distribution of State Government Revenues and Expenditures in Indiana
January 29, 2009 Local Government Reform in Indiana