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COVID-19 Response: Fiscal Impacts on Local Government

COVID-19 Response: Fiscal Impacts on Local Government

Published November 10, 2020

This brief dicusses the fiscal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the severity of expected cuts among Indiana local governments.

COVID-19 Response: Community Resiliency in the Hoosier State (Policy Brief Series) 

To better understand the varied effects of COVID-19 in communities throughout Indiana, a survey of local government officials was conducted by Accelerate Indiana Municipalities (AIM), the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC), and Ball State University researchers at the Bowen Center for Public Affairs, CBER, and Indiana Communities Institute.

The purpose of these policy briefs is to provide government policymakers and community decision-makers with more comprehensive and in-depth data on budgetary/fiscal stress, technology, administration, public health, and community health as decisions are made regarding resource allocation and policy development.


Tags: covid, health, pandemic, indiana, state and local government, budget and finance, government

Authors: Charles D. Taylor, Dagney Faulk