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Indiana Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Index

Indiana Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Index

In this study, we build a Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Index to give businesses, non-profits, and local government leaders the data needed to assess wellness within counties in Indiana. This index reduces the costs of a community self-assessment, and, when combined with other information, may help community leaders better explain how investments in wellness matter to the future prosperity of their cities and towns.

This study was prepared for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Chamber Foundation, and the Wellness Council of Indiana.

Appendix 1 includes an Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) with data for all 92 Indiana counties. The column on the far right is the overall index score for the Healthy, the Wealthy, or the Wise category. A higher score is preferable.

Appendix 2 includes an Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) with data for all 50 United States. The Wise category for states also includes data on property tax, individual income tax, and corporate income tax from Tax Foundation (2013).


Tags: workforce and human capital, indiana, health, personal income and wealth, education

Authors: Srikant Devaraj, Michael J. Hicks, Silvey Shamsi